For Teachers

“The project boosted the students' self-esteem. They had an opportunity to do something different; something that was national and brought them in contact with other schools. It developed their research, organisation and communication skills”
Teacher from Cardiff

Throughout our Making Histories work with schools across the country, teachers have been at the heart of what we were hoping to achieve and the key drivers in making this work possible. The teachers from our seven partner schools, were passionate about diversity, the importance of critical thinking and the teaching of a broad, world history. All the teachers have commented on the success of the project and their students' increased enthusiasm for history. They have all now embedded this research more broadly in the way they teach history.

If you would like to trial any of these ideas or methods with your own students, we will be posting a step by step teaching guide shortly, which has been compiled based on our learning and input from teachers and students from across our case study schools:

“It’s very rewarding to let them do it themselves; scary, but so good.”
Teacher from Tower Hamlets, London